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Ty Lawson's Girlfriend Is Pregnant, And She Told Police He Pushed Her

Now there are more details on the arrest of Ty Lawson and his girlfriend after a weekend altercation at Lawson's home.


According to Denver television station KMGH, Lawson's girlfriend, Ashley Nicole Pettiford, is six months pregnant. The station, citing the police report, also said Pettiford allegedly told cops the Nuggets point guard had pushed her after she confronted him for being on the phone with another woman on Saturday around 2:30 a.m. It was Pettiford's mother who called the cops. Her mother also allegedly told police, "Lawson has pushed her in the past."

After confronting Lawson, Pettiford began packing her things to leave. Lawson allegedly started throwing her clothes around. More from KMGH:

Pettiford told [police deputy Jeremy] Herko that she asked Lawson twice to let her get into the closet to get other things. After the second request, she said, "he grabbed both of her arms, above the elbow, and started pushing her back to the bed telling her, 'I'll get the clothes.'"

Lawson said he did push her out of the way, but it wasn't a "real push."

Amidst a lot of yelling, Pettiford ended up on the bed and Lawson started to walk away.

Then, Pettiford admitted, she retrieved Lawson's phone off of a dresser and threw it against a wall. This was the origin of the criminal mischief charge she now faces.

In retaliation, she told Herko, Lawson tried to break her phone against a wall. When it didn't shatter, he ran it under a faucet.

Lawson admitted to this.

Oddly, the Denver Post, in its initial story about the incident, quoted Grayson Robinson, the sheriff of Arapahoe County (Colo.), as saying this: "They were yelling at each other and broke each other's phones. I don't believe it was physical otherwise." That initial Post article, which does not appear to include details from the police report, did not mention Pettiford's pregnancy, either.

Pettiford, 24, also goes by Ashley King and once starred on Bad Girls Club, which I think is a TV series. Lawson, 25, was charged with physical harassment and criminal mischief. In addition, a mandatory protection order has been filed against him, prohibiting him from contacting her. Pettiford, who was also arrested, was charged with criminal mischief. Both were released on $1,000 bond.


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