Tyler Thigpen Will Guide The Chiefs To Victory Right After He Finishes Making Gentle Back Door Love To This Skeleton

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What better way to kick off your Wednesday evening then to have Chiefs' new starting quarterback Tyler Thigpen mock rear-entering a skeletal model. Maybe Coastal Carolina University had just recently generated enough funding to support a human anatomy class and he was just overly excited. Remember, the school's football program began five years ago. That actually might be one of the only groupies the team had. Or perhaps this is a more recent photo and Tyler is demonstrating what he's going to do to the Atlanta Falcons defense this weekend. Regardless of the motivation, rejoice Chiefs fans: your skeleton-banging quarterback is here to resuscitate your offense. Whitlock must be pumped. ******* Tonight, it's hump day, so find your own skeleton and get boning. Tomorrow, we've got an excerpt from Jeff Pearlman's ridiculously entertaining "Boys Will Be Boys" novel, plus Drew Magary's weekly Jamboroo fiasco. So, it'll be a great day to be stoned at work. Thank you for continued support of the People's Republic of Deadspin, the #1 sports website for trolls. And thank you for your additional support of Ball Don't Lie, the #1 sports website for news about Snapple and New York Knick media hussies.