UCF Goes All Klan Rally To Welcome Racism Victims

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Central Florida hosted the University of Buffalo last night, 51 years after the Bulls were told their black players weren't welcome. How to show respect for these civil rights pioneers? Let's have everyone wear all white!


The story of those 1958 Bulls is a good one, and criminally unremembered until ESPN made it their baby. Buffalo was invited to the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, but told their two black players wouldn't be allowed to play. So the team turned down the bid, their only bowl invite until last year.

Central Florida honored one of those players, Willie Evans, along with other members of that historic team, with a halftime ceremony. Evans was greeted by 45,000 fans taking part in a "White-Out." Hoods optional, at least.

I know Knights fans were a little cranky and disoriented since this season they weren't allowed to get drunk before noon, but perhaps one of these promotions could have been rescheduled.

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