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UEFA Claim That The Euro 2016 Mascot Is Not A Sex Toy [NSFW]

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That’s Super Victor, the mascot of Euro 2016! Hi, buddy! He’s cute, huh? Kinda like Ness from Super Smash Bros. What a nice mascot, let’s Google him to find out more information!

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Huh. Did UEFA just not think to look up whether or not their mascot shared a name with a big dildo?


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Apparently not. The Guardian noticed the similarity and asked UEFA about it:

The character was unveiled in November 2014, then nameless, at a France friendly, as the build-up to Euro 2016 began. The public were then invited to vote in a social media poll, with Super Victor beating Driblou and Goalix to become the official name.


Driblou and Goalix sound like weird demon soccer Pokémon, I get it.

UEFA said the name was based on the idea of victory and refers to the super powers the small boy gained when he found a magic cape, boots and ball. A spokesman added: “All we can say is that they [the sex aids] are not produced by UEFA.”


So there you have it.

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