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UF Football Not About To Get Any Classier (Update)

Not for nothing have they garnered the "University of Felons" nickname. I'm not saying a top recruit posing with a gun and $16 is necessarily a crime, but it's not going to change any impressions.

That's Leon Orr, one of the top prep school DTs in the country, and a Gator possibly as soon as next month. Leon must, like all of us, be having some trouble with Facebook's new privacy settings, because his photos are there for anyone to see. Like this beauty.


To some, winter means bowl season. To others it means commitment season, and the age-old pastime of making the big schools' recruits look as foolish as possible. And isn't that the purest sport of all?

Update: Orr and fellow Gator recruit, DE Lynden Trail, say the photos were taken four years ago. Orr says the weapon was a pellet gun from K-Mart, Collect Money Cartel was a rap group started by him and his friends. Trail says he was just "playing around" and the hand gesture represents his neighborhood.


I'm unable to confirm the earlier picture posted of a third recruit, Gerald Christian, as the MySpace page has been set to private, though as of last night, the age and hometown listed matched. Christian's former high school coach, Paul Meunier, emailed to say that the photo was not him and that "He is a great kid, never been in trouble a day in his life, has the upmost respect from all of his friends, teammates, coaches, and teachers." So we'll leave it at that for now.

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