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The last time we saw UFC court jester Johnny Walker in the octagon a month ago, he pretended to strip while getting prepped for his fight, knocked out Justin Ledet in 15 seconds with an outlandish combo, and then celebrated with a solid minute of gyration. Thankfully, he sustained zero damage in that fight, which meant he was healthy enough to step back into the octagon this weekend and take on his first-ever ranked opponent, Latvian Misha Cirkunov.

Naturally, Walker put his knee through Cirkunov’s head as soon as the fight started. The fight lasted 36 seconds, though Walker’s celebrations were curiously short-lived this time around.

Walker told Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview that he dislocated his right shoulder as soon as he started the worm, before declaring, “Mickey Mouse ... I love you!” and plugging his own Instagram. I don’t know how anyone could dislike a terrifying knockout doofus doing clown shit against UFC competition, but, of course, ruddy UFC boss Dana White thinks Walker is having too much fun.

“This kid’s special, and I wish he would stop doing that shit after,” White said. “There’s no upside to celebrating like that after, doing the kick worm or whatever the hell that thing is that he was he was trying to do. It’s unnecessary. You don’t need to do it. What you did was impressive enough.”


Wrong, as usual, and once again, Walker got by so easily that he’ll probably have another fight as soon as he wants it.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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