Uggla Implodes, Big Papi's Madonna Hi-Jinx, and Bud Selig Loves Him Some Sarah Jessica Parker

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What they're saying out there about Tuesday's All-Star Game ...

What Kind Of Universe Is This, Anyway?; All-Star Cosmology. Perhaps the moral universe might have seen fit to reverse Uggla's fortunes. Instead, he got the filthiest jelly legging cartoony curveball I've ever seen, courtesy of Joakim Soria. It was 67 mph of pure you've-got-to-be-shitting-me. Uggla poked at it like he wasn't sure it was dead. Strike 3. Uggla ended up 0-4 with 3 Ks and 3 errors, an All-Star game record. If it smells like a goat, and chews like a goat... [Soxlosophy]

Please Note Bud Selig's Conveniently Placed Cue Card . Don't have too much to say about this other than 1) It made me laugh really hard and 2) Sarah Jessica Parker momentarily looks good non-scary again. We're currently in the top of the ninth, the game is tied, Mariano Rivera was just summoned to the mound and there are only three pitchers left on each team. Mottram just put it best: "If this game ends in a tie, it ends in a riot." [Big League Stew]

Big Papi Has Some Fun With A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez did a brief interview with the writers just now. As he was talking, David Ortiz shouted out from the adjacent locker, "No more talking about Madonna please!" A-Rod paused for a second then kept talking as though he didn't hear Big Papi. Everybody else started snickering, as did Ortiz. [The LoHud Yankees Blog]


2008 MLB All-Stars: The Batting Stances. Via the always entertaining batting stance guy. [Bugs & Cranks]

J.D. Drew Has A Posse AND An All-Star MVP. I'll talk more about the assholes Yankee fans are tomorrow sometime, but for now WHAT a game! The fact that J.D. Drew got the MVP makes me happy on so many levels, and it just adds to the Red Sox send off to Yankee Stadium...just great. We won Game 0 of the World Series tonight. PS - Wade Boggs, yeah, you're a dick too. [SawxBlog]