We all know how your pheromones work. You get one whiff of Michael Jordan cologne or Derek Jeter's jock strap and you're hooked. You'll sleep with anyone doused in pure pre-packaged pro athlete. But what about those of you that root for college sports? How will you know what to drunkenly pursue into the men's bathroom? Thankfully, marketing has saved the day and you now have the ability to purchase perfume that smells just like your old school.

Penn State and UNC are the first two schools to receive the olfactory treatment for their football and basketball factories, respectively. Next year, you can scoop up much of the SEC: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, and LSU.

We look forward to your description of various collegiate scents. The floor is yours, Deadspin commenters. (Degree of difficulty: still no polygamy jokes.)


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