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Unusually Large Cat Terrorizing Detroit Neighborhood

It's not enough that Detroit's suffering an economic collapse. Now, one neighborhood has to deal with a "supersize cat."

This distinctively large cat is roaming around, making residents nervous. One resident claims it's four feet tall; other residents say it's shorter than that. (Honestly, this mysterious cat looks like an ocelot.) The strongest theory is that someone illegally bought an exotic cat as a pet and it escaped or was let go.


Antwaun Asberry, who saw the cat, gave an excellent quote used as the article's kicker:

“When I first seen it, he looked at me,” Asberry said. “I looked at him. He walked like he ain’t scared of nothing.

“This thing is out here, bro.”

Beware of the cat of an unconfirmed size, civilians.

[Detroit Free Press]

H/t midget sun

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