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Up-To-Date On Duke Lacrosse Developments (Or Lack Thereof)

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We promised an update on the Duke lacrosse rape allegations today, so here goes. A roundup of latest events:

• Everyone is still awaiting the players' DNA test results, but the Durham Attorney General says not to expect any results this week.
• The Duke student newspaper reported that several Duke lacrosse players were loudly drinking and carousing in a campus bar two weeks after the incident.
• Apparently there are some inconsistencies involving some 911 calls from that night/
• The players' lawyer insists DNA tests will eventually clear the players.
• It's starting to be pretty dangerous for anyone who might have seemingly ever met a lacrosse player.

Just facts here, from now on. For all kinds of updates on this, faster than we can bring them to you, we highly suggest checking out Inside Lacrosse.

Updates On Duke Rape Case [Inside Lacrosse]

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