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Urban Meyer Has Had It With "Internet People," "Scumbags," and Crowds

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In Don't Tell Coach the Babysitter's Dead news out of Florida ...

This season, coach Urban Meyer opted to shut practices down in order to shield his players from agents, their runners and people who clamor for autographs so they can sell them on eBay. Meyer said his staff is vigilantly protecting players from "internet people" and "scumbags" by closing practices.


Maybe I'm missing something here. Has the eBay world devolved into autograph blood-sport Thunderdome? (If so, what's Slake M'Thirst's screen name?) How does a closed practice stop someone from (allegedly) making $100K deals with former offensive linemen? Wait, Urban's pulling a funny on us, ain't he? Well, screw that, this internet scumbag person will kill him with kindness:

Dear Urban Meyer,

I think it's awesome to say "I didn't want there to be a bad day where there were three kids sitting around wondering what to do next" one day but then change your mind to de-resign a couple days later, saying "I want to make sure I do right by my family." Bucket Lists are tricky. They wouldn't understand.


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