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Urban Meyer Is Nothing If Not Chivalrous

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Florida coach Urban Meyer has a strict "no weapons" policy with his team, as you probably knew. But are you also aware that he insists that his players hold the door open for a lady?

Meyer was the featured speaker at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic at the Holiday Inn in Fogelsville, Pa., on Saturday, and proceeded to deliver "an R-rated speech" in which he used the term "shit" no less than six times. His verbal manifesto included the following:

During his session with the coaches, Meyer talked a lot about families. His core values for the program are: 1. Honesty. 2. Always show women respect. 3. No drugs. 4. No stealing. 5. No weapons.

He said that if he hears of one of his players hitting a woman, even if it's in self-defense, the player is gone from the team. Period. In fact, even if he sees someone not opening a door for a lady, "I'll jump on a kid's shit. That's the way I was raised."


Remarks from speech not quoted in story: "Tim Tebow gargles with thumbtacks and can hold open doors for ladies using nothing but his mind. His body is sculpted from alabaster, and without my guidance he would most likely be a serial killer."

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