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Illustration for article titled Urban Meyer Is Still Insane For Tim Tebow And Wont Shut Up

Urban Meyer is delusional. The synapses in his brain are slowly failing to fire in the proper manner. Or maybe the aliens finally came for him. Those are the only explanations we can possibly give for why Meyer appears to be the last person on Earth who still thinks Tebow can make it in the NFL. Even worse, he doesn't realize he should keep this to himself.

"I still don't get that part of it," Meyer said Tuesday at Big Ten Media Days. "He's the second-most efficient passer ever to play college football."


The first-most efficient passer in college football was Sam Bradford. How's Bradford working out for you, St. Louis?

But, nope, Meyer will not be deterred. Surely, Meyer thinks, if he just keeps talking someone will give Tebow a chance and ignore that horrendous throwing motion, the wobbly passes, the questionable footwork ...

"He had really good personnel around him (at Florida) and we utilized his skill very well," Meyer said. "I think in a traditional setting, it is difficult, but there's a lot of non-traditional offenses now in the NFL."


Maybe. If by non-traditional he means they never throw the ball.


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