We don't mean to ruin it for those of you who had your Brazilian Tivos all set up, but USA Basketball just had its first serious scare in preparation for the World Championships, edging Brazil 90-86. The Americans led by 14 at halftime, but Brazil β€” led by the immortal Tiago Splitter β€” closed it late. A controversial technical foul with the Brazilians β€” who were buttressed by their fake girlfriends β€” down by 2 late was the difference, but they still had a chance at a 3-pointer to tie with five seconds left before turning it over.


It was the first scare the U.S. has had in training for the World Championships, which begin August 19. We're sure Coach Mike Krzyzewski will have adjustments ready for the next game, considering he is a leader who just happens to coach basketball.

Carmelo Anthony left the game with a hyperextended knee. We have always wondered how much one has to extend one's knee to reach the medical definition of "hyper."

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