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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Does Ronaldinho's Girlfriend Actually Exist?

Illustration for article titled Does Ronaldinhos Girlfriend Actually Exist?

Josh Robertson is an editor at Playboy, so, as you'd probably expect, he spends a lot of time looking at pictures of naked women. This discerning eye, and a journalist's skepticism, has brought him to a conclusion: soccer star Ronaldinho's "girlfriend" appears to be a complete fake.


Remember Ronaldinho's girlfriend? The one who supposedly kept him up all night with sex and PlayStation? Robertson's little investigation casts serious doubts about whether she's anything but a PR creation.

She picked the wrong Playboy editor to punk, I tell you what. There's no competent news story I can find tying Ronaldinho to Alexandra Paressant. (The Sun doesn't say how its interview with her came about — she probably just called the paper up and asked to talk to a reporter.) Some sites show a picture of Ronaldinho being lovingly tackled by her as he stretches on the pitch. Problem: The tackler's name is Sheila Soares. Ronaldinho or not, does she even exist? I say no.


Another example of how soccer has not exploded in the United States: We do not invent fake girlfriends for our soccer stars. Instead we just do that for Tom Brady.

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