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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

USGA Says It "Deeply Regrets" Violent Sex Commentary On U.S. Open Broadcast

The USGA is apologizing for Fox Sports’s U.S. Open broadcast yesterday, which featured two men talking about violent sex:

“We deeply regret the inappropriate language and sentiment expressed by a few fans that was unfortunately picked up by a microphone on the course during today’s broadcast,” said spokeswoman Janeen Driscoll in a statement to Sporting News. “We are working closely with our partners at Fox Sports to address this issue.”

That inappropriate language, as best we can tell:

“That’s my ex.”

“Yeah, she’s hot.”

“That’s when I—I was fucking her so hard and I headbutted her in the head and I smacked that bitch [something]. We went and kinda got in the [muppets?] position and she sat up.”


We’re sure Fox Sports will respond to this in a timely manner, right?

Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.

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