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The smear campaign against the newly-departed continues in earnest, as state and university officials confirm he never held an in-state driver's license. Throw away the key!


We're on day 10 of Kiffygate, and the self-appointed Howie Spiras of Knoxville are going to find every traffic violation, every late library book, every time Layla forgot to pick up after the dog. Todays outrage: Kiffin failed to change his California license to a Tennessee one, even though new residents must apply within 30 days of moving. Horrors.

A search for the name Kiffin fails to turn up a single driving record statewide, said Mike Browning, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Safety.

"Lane Kiffin does not have a current valid driver license in Tennessee," Browning said.

State law classifies failure to change over a license as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $50 and court costs.


A UT spokesperson chalks it up to a simple misunderstanding, but I smell a conspiracy afoot. Kiffin moves from Oakland but hangs on to his California license...and then moves back to Los Angeles a year later? It's almost as if he knew he'd flee Knoxville, and didn't want to spend the $40 bucks on getting his license changed twice. Lane Kiffin is a criminal mastermind.

Kiffin never had Tennessee driver's license [Knoxville News Sentinel]

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