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Maybe they do things weird up there, but this story (headline: "Daniel cements his Hart throb status"), by the Sun's Cam Cole, seems an unlikely way to tell Canuck fans that their team's top scorer is an MVP finalist.

A year ago, when Henrik Sedin was presented with the Hart Trophy at the NHL Awards, he said he'd never been to Las Vegas before.

Not a single eyebrow was raised at this admission.

If ever there was a guy who looks as though he wasn't made for bright lights and loose slots (let alone women) it would be the Vancouver Canucks' redheaded, straight-arrow Swedish captain. And if he looks that way, it stands to reason that his identical twin must, too.


We're not sure exactly what Cole might mean by all of that. Daniel Sedin is a professional athlete. From time to time, professional athletes work under bright lights, enjoy gambling, and even chase women. In fact, some of the most successful athletes—even, say, those who have won five MVP awards—spend their time with all three.

As a fan of weird journalism, though, you have to admire the corner Cole writes himself into. If "loose" applies to "slots" and "women," somehow Cole's trashed the very classy broads who attend the NHL Awards Ceremony. And if "loose" doesn't apply to "women," Cole's decided that Sedin looks like he wasn't made for women. Well then.

But Cole is dumbfounded when defenseman Kevin Bieksa pulls back the veil:

"Although, I know Danny loves playing cards, so I'm sure he'll be venturing around the casino a little bit."

Really? A gambling Sedin? A Sedin with a vice?

Yes, because no Swedish NHL player would ever involve himself in something related to gambling. And hockey players don't gamble anyway.

Jokes aside, and there's not all that many of those, the Sedins have been a united front against largely misinformed criticism since they first came to the Canucks as skinny kids 11 years ago.

They've handled it all with such equanimity and class, it has been a pure pleasure to see them rewarded at last.


Cam Cole, the pleasure is all yours.

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