At the start of the second quarter of last night's Temple-Vanderbilt game, referee Ken Williamson popped over to the sideline to explain a penalty to the crowd: "Per NCAA rule, Vanderbilt is being charged with a team timeout each quarter, because of— [pause to make a face that lets everyone know he's just as baffled as they are] ill-stated statements on the jersey."

The "ill-stated" statement was Vanderbilt's "Anchor Down" slogan, and the rule has been enforced once this year already when USF tried to wear jerseys with THE TEAM on the back. Everyone booed anyway. Then Vanderbilt sent someone to go print out an email and run it down to the field so Williamson could read it, then walk back out on the field like an asshole and explain how wrong he was. Vanderbilt got to keep its cool jerseys.

Vanderbilt was upset 37-7, its only points coming on a botched Temple punt in the end zone.