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Vanderjagt's Idiocy Returns To Canadia

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Former Colts and Cowboys "idiot" kicker Mike Vanderjagt, whose once-illustrious NFL career went into a tailspin after badly missing a potentially tying field goal at the end of a 2005 divisional playoff loss to an amazing team everybody loves, is returning to the Canadia football fields were he made his name. Because only in Canadia can you make a name that bad. He signed with his former CFL team, the Toronto Argonauts, who with Jason shall find the golden fleece one of these days.

Vanderjagt ignited a firestorm of controversy following the 2002 season when after a playoff loss to the New York Jets he was critical of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and then head coach Tony Dungy on a sports station. He later apologized, but that did little to soothe Manning, who during an interview on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl game referred to Vanderjagt as "our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off."

Two years later as the Colts were preparing to face New England, Vanderjagt said the Patriots were "ripe for the picking," and that he felt the club wasn't as good that year as it was the year before when it won the Super Bowl. That prompted Patriots safety Rodney Harrison to call the Canadian "Vanderjerk." And to add insult to injury, the Patriots won the game 20-3 en route to another Super Bowl title.

BURNINATED! Loogit ol' Rodney Harrison playing the dozens. Obviously human growth hormone has a beneficial effect on the brain's comedy lobe.

As for Vandy, it's quite the freefall from being the first kicker to not miss a field goal the entire season, regular season and playoffs, in 2003 to a shaken shell that was pushed out of the league by a Gramatica three years later.

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