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Video Emerges Of Diego Maradona Hitting His Former Fiancée

According to Spanish paper El Mundo, the above video depicts Diego Maradona hitting his ex-girlfriend, the 24-year-old Rocío Oliva. Here’s one Argentine TV station’s translation of the argument as it unfolds in the video:

In the short clip, recorded by the young lady with her cell phone, you can see the coach in a very deteriorated state. Irascible, Diego is about as far as it is Rocío and reprimands her for using her cell phone. “Keep looking! Keep looking at your phone!” he begins. “Stop, loco, why can’t I look at my phone?” Oliva replies.

Just then, Maradona responded with a violent assault. “Stop! Stop! Stop hitting, Diego!” the desperate young lady’s plea is heard.


Ciudad also gives us some background. The couple, once engaged, originally broke up back in June. This started a media war where Oliva claimed she had been a victim of domestic violence at Maradona’s hands and that she had evidence to prove it. However, the couple eventually got back together. Now, with the split official, Oliva has apparently released this video.

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