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Video Evidence That We're All Just Living In J.J. Watt's World

This week's episode of Inside the NFL featured a mic'd up J.J. Watt stomping around, talking shit, and wreaking havoc during last Sunday's game against the Titans. These mic'd up segments are commonplace and usually on the boring side, but this one is worth watching from beginning to end simply because it's such a stark portrayal of just how hard J.J. Watt rocks everyone's shit.

It starts with Watt doing the same kind of pregame woofing—"SNO-CAPS, PERHAPS!"—that most players do when cameras and mics are nearby, but Watt seems to really believe that he's about to go out and win the game all by himself, which is exactly what he did!


And then there's the in-game audio, where it becomes painfully clear that Watt fully understands how unstoppable he is. He doesn't even bother to learn Will Svitek's name or number, nor does he find him worthy of any eye contact while talking shit. Poor Will Svitek, man.

My favorite part of this clip, though, is the sequence that starts at 2:13 and runs through the end of the video. It captures Watt's strip sack and his touchdown reception on the ensuing Texans drive, but the camera stays on Watt the whole time, so we get to see how everything played out for him in real time. In less than three minutes, we see Watt do something superhuman, calmly return to the sideline to get some daps, and then run back onto the field and catch a nifty touchdown pass before even getting a chance to really catch his breath. That is what completely owning a football game looks like.


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