Video Surfaces Of Odell Beckham Jr. Enjoying A Delightful Pizza Party In Bed, Plus Maybe Some Drugs?

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Who among us hasn’t enjoyed the thrilling, illicit pleasure of a hot pepperoni pizza in a warm bed? Truly one of life’s great pleasures is slapping the pizza box down on the bedsheets and going to town on the cheesy goodness. As you will see in the strange and fleeting video below, Odell Beckham Jr. knows what the hell I’m talking about. Fair warning: this video has all the narrative coherence of the video from The Ring, and watching it may possibly cause your TV to spit out a demon who will kill you:

Does it show a baked Odell Beckham Jr. enjoying a blunt and a pizza in bed with a woman? Is he making some sort of sexual solicitation of that woman? Is there cocaine on the bed? Two things are absolutely certain: that is for sure a delicious pizza; and the man talking in the video is for sure speaking English. Per the New York Daily News, the New York Giants are “aware of the video.”

Surely the greatest controversy to arise from this video will be the fact that, yet again, it is a cell phone video shot in vertical alignment. Dammit.