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BBC1 debuted their new Football League highlight programme this weekend, and new shows can have their share of glitches. But everything was going smoothly, audio and graphics were working perfectly, until...BAM! Blonde on a toilet!

The Football League is the equivalent of minor league baseball, so I can't imagine too many people were watching the highlights of Torquay and Chesterfield. But at least a few people were shocked by the splicing in of a scene from "Blue Crush," coincidentally at the point where Kate Bosworth slides down her knickers. (Go to the 42 second mark.)


It's not quite as sexy as our own accidental Super Bowl porn, or perhaps much sexier if you're into that kind of thing, you freak. But the buzz has people talking, so the Beeb could get a sizable audience next week hoping to see that scene from "Bring It On" when Gabrielle Union takes a dump on Eliza Dushku's chest.


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