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Vikings' Dwight Smith In Trouble Again

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The Minnesota Vikings have a significant game against the Chicago Bears this Monday night, so it should come as no surprise that one of their players was arrested. That's just what they do. And I, for one, appreciate the consistency.


Yes, Vikings safety Dwight Smith was cited for sticky icky icky possession after his vehicle was stopped for impeding traffic at a downtown intersection Thursday night. Good news though: He wasn't busy banging some chick in the back seat. He's learning!


The official police report:

Officer saw the listed vehicle impeding the traffic lane in front of the listed business. An air horn was sounded to get the vehicle moving. The vehicle did not clear the traffic lane. Office got out to identify the driver and issue a Citation. Officer smelled the strong odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver, Arrested Person 1 (AP-1), admitted he just got done smoking some Marijuana. Citations were issued to AP-1. Evidence was properly inventoried.

I love how straightforward that all sounded. "I smell pot." "Yup." "You smoking pot?" "Yup." "You high?" "Yup." "You're under arrest." "OK."

Stoned people are awesome.

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