Villanova Pregnancy Hoax Email Results In Confusion, Death Threats

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Yesterday, in an attempt to debunk the Fisher-Reynolds pregnancy melodrama rumor that spread via email for the past couple weeks, it appears I became the Big East's Furman Bisher instead. To clarify: It's a hoax. Like this. And this.


And just to repeat, here's what Nova flack Michael Sheridan told us yesterday:

While we generally don't respond to inquiries based on gossip, the items in the forwarded email are so off base and hurtful to our student-athletes we feel compelled to do so. There is absolutely no truth to the rumors described in those emails. As Coach Wright indicated when it happened, the decision not to start Scottie and Corey against Robert Morris was the result of a minor matter having to do with game preparation.


So troll through the many other blogs re-refuting the rumor that was refuted yesterday, but also observe the many attempts at Villanova students to rally around their basketball team to "get the facts" out there and condemn the poisonous internet for its reckless rumor-mongering:

Like this version:

Hey man

I don't know where you got that story about 'Nova's players but that is an incredibly sensationalized version of what is being spoken about on campus. Although I don't type this saying to you what follows is the truth (and that is why I've chosen to remain anonymous) of course its all rumor in some way; I do say that the story below is what the students have heard, who are really the best sources of information considering they know, live and go to school with these guys

In the version on-campus ... Fisher knocked up his own girlfriend and wanted her to have an abortion. She wanted to keep it so she sought the support of Scottie, who having been given up for adoption as a child was very sensitive to a child being aborted and told Fisher that he had to keep it (much like Scottie's biological mother made this same tough choice). This then caused a rift and an ensuing tussle among the two point guards.

However, there was never a divide on the team between any nyc/nj kids v. md/pa kids. And also, Jay nor anyone ever asked Fisher to leave or transfer. In fact the school has already announced that Fisher isn't declaring and is returning to 'Nova for his senior year.

This version I have just told you, which I gather is far closer to the truth, as it is way more believable if you know the guys on this team is still an interesting story. However, I would ask that if you are going to give credence to rumors you at least not continue to perpetuate a much more vile and insidious one that is far from the truth. Remember this guys are amateur-athletes and still students at a university despite the fact that 1,000s of people know their names and watch them every week.

ā€” Anonymous Student

Or this version:

AJ, I don't know who your sources are, but the Villanova "scandal" you broke was severely distorted. I think it is important that you tell the true story that rocked the Villanova locker room and set the path for the end of season breakdown: Boogergate 2010.

Scottie Reynolds walked into the locker room and found dried boogers wiped on the front of his uniform. Taking this as obvious disrespect from a fellow teammate he immediately started searching the hands of his teammates in the locker room. High-as-a-kite California boy Taylor King said that Corey had done it. Scottie got in Corey Stokes face and pushed him, and they two exchange a quick punch/scratch or two when it was realized the real culprit was Corey Fischer. Classic mix-up. Jay Wright came into the locker room in the midst of this debacle and started throwing down "teaching points" like they were going out of style.

It's pretty sad that something so petty ended up being the demise of our basketball season.


Or this version:

this didnt come from me, but its worth noting that certain members of the 'nova coaching staff in recent years have set extremely poor examples in this regard. sleeping with everything in sight, multiple girlfriends, some 20 years younger.


Or this attempt at demanding truth by thinly veiled pseudo death-threats

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Sergei Nobarkov Ninaturana

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to contact the Dan Patrick Show to complain that they did not reveal Sergei Nobarkov Ninaturana's emails to me earlier.