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Vince Papale's Wife Maybe, Possibly Does Care About Black People

There's some melodrama brewing between Emeritus, William F. Leitch, and, Vince Papale, former Philadelphia Eagle and "Invincible" inspiration. It appears Mr. Papale is not a fan of this site.

And one post in particular, written by our floppy-haired hero almost THREE YEARS ago, is causing Mr. Papale great consternation — enough for him to compose a strongly-worded letter which he sent to Leitch's office at New York Magazine. Via certified mail, no less.



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For a refresher course on what prompted this post to begin with, let's travel back in time to 2006, when "Invincible" was being touted as the new "Rocky" for the City Of Brotherly Shove and the roll-out-the-red-carpet treatment Papale was demanding because of it. There wasn't a radio interview that Papale didn't like, and he did — and continues to do — his fair share of baby-kissing to promote himself in his hometown. But during one screening of the movie in Narberth, Pa., Papale's wife wasn't very nice to people. No, she booted people out of the screening, many of whom had done their part to follow the rules and secure tickets to the event, which means they were invited to be there. But according to many people who were there that night, Mrs. Papale wanted this particular screening to be for Papale friends and family only. One family that was rudely asked to give up their seats just so happened to be an African-American family, one of the only ones in the theater and, as pointed out by Mrs. Papale, obviously not a friend or family member. So they had to go.

Plenty of people witnessed this, hence the tongue-in-cheek headline "Vince Papale's Wife Does Not Care About Black People. " It's still probably a lot more truthful than, you know, making 90% of the people who saw your crappy movie believe you actually scored a touchdown.


You know that shit was called back.

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