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Vince Young Allegedly Gets Angry When You Deny Him $8,000 In One-Dollar Bills

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The Dallas strip club manager who was assaulted by Vince Young over a year ago is now adjusting the narrative of the altercation because he would like some money for it—possibly in the form of dollar bills. Creiton Kinchen's lawsuit says that he did not provoke the Eagles backup by flashing an upside-down "hook 'em Horns" at him; Creiton Kinchen says that Young assaulted him "with a deadly weapon" (the QB's feet and hands) because he refused to hand over $8,000 in dollar bills for Young to throw at strippers.


Usually, the original absurd story involving the strip club altercation does not become a more absurd story involving the strip club altercation. Thanks to Kinchen, who is described in the suit as "a manager with varied responsibilities," the forgotten Vince Young strip club altercation is now, 16 months later, taking that extra step. Here's the story from Kinchen's lawsuit, which he submitted to the Dallas County courthouse this morning [sic'd]:

Creiton was working minding his own business in the "cage" area dealing with an employee on credit card issues, when suddenly and without provocation, an intoxicated Vince Young began cursing and making derogatory remarks to Creiton because Creiton refused to sell Vince Young $8,000 (Eight thousand dollars) in $1.00 (One dollar denominations) using Vince Young's credit card. It was Vince Young intention to use the $1.00 bills to tip and throw money at the dancers who would entertain him and his party that evening. Vince Young after exchanging remarks with Creiton lunged forward and struck Creiton with a closed fist in the mouth, busting his lip, causing pain and swelling.

Creiton is seeking unspecified damages for injuries like the busted lip and for "mental anguish in the past and in the present," which is actually kind of poetic. As the Dallas Observer notes, there's no mention in the six-page document of the fact that Creiton was caught on camera insulting Young with the only gesture in the state of Texas that's taken as seriously as flag burning. But I'd imagine that refusing to provide dollar bills at the strip club ranks pretty high up there, too.

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