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Vincent Trocheck of the Florida Panthers was stretchered off the ice Monday night after twisting and bending his right leg in horrifying fashion. In hockey parlance, this is just another lower body injury; in layman’s terms, Trocheck’s leg bends too far at the knee, and in too many directions below the knee, and is now several different kinds of screwed-up.

If you flinched and yelped and averted your eyes in horror at the sight of Trocheck’s foot getting caught under him as he fell over backward, there’s a chance you missed his leg flaring out to the side and the weight shifting further down his leg and doing truly nauseating things to his ankle. What you probably still caught was the sound of Trocheck screaming in pain as his leg untangled in the seconds after his fall. Suffice to say, it is no surprise to learn that he was unable to skate off the ice.


In what I am going to assume is unrelated news, the game was further delayed around this same time when a fan in the stands required CPR. Be careful out there, everyone.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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