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Visualized: Every Shot From Germany's Dominant First Half Over Brazil

This, from The New York Times's live coverage of Germany's 7-1 drubbing of Brazil yesterday, is just the saddest. It only tracks the first half, but that's where all the damage was done. The Germans scored five goals on 10 shots, nine of which were on target, while Brazil bookended the half with two lonely shots.

It's hard to tell from watching the Brazil portion, but bold color (in this case, black) and a solid circle indicates a goal. A muted color with a solid circle is a shot on target. An empty circle indicates a shot.


The visualization offers a couple ways to digest just how ugly this thing was, if all of the crying didn't really sell you on it. Most obviously, you can just watch the shots accrue, and from where, noting the relative silence on the Brazil side, as Germany goes bonkers right in front of poor Júlio César. It's like one neighbor hired Grucci to set off fireworks and another got a couple of sparklers.

Or, you can just focus on the timeline provided below the field, which might even be worse. Things start out OK for Brazil, but that stretch that starts around the 20th minute? Boom. Boom. Boom....Boom. You can try to keep track of both the timing and the placement, but it gets tough to watch during that four-goal stretch.


Image via reddit

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