Vols Fans Take Aim At Lane Kiffin, With Actual Guns

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It's the one-year anniversary of Lane Kiffin fleeing Tennessee for sunnier coasts, and to celebrate, a local gun store is holding "Shoot Coach Lane's Bobble-Head Day." It's exactly what it sounds like.

Frontier Firearms, an hour outside of Knoxville, is letting fans come down Saturday and take their best shots at Bobbleheads of Lane and Monte Kiffin. Our tipster says it's $5 for 5 bullets, and don't worry, the proceeds go to a local charity. One might say it's a little odd to be running this now, considering what happened in Arizona, and one might be right. One might also say shooting the head off a representation of an old coach is an overreaction to what's, after all, just sports.

That's what sports is about. They have teams, villains, teams they don't like, coaches they hate. I think Kiffin will go down, in Tennessee fans book, as one of those people," said Brant Williams, owner of Frontier Firearms.


Are there less destructive ways to show your hate, like a Facebook fan page, or maybe a tastefully written op-ed in the student paper? Sure. But just look at that smug ceramic face, just begging to be shattered into a thousand pieces. I need to round up $5, a bus ticket to Tennessee, and a gun license. And I'm not even sure they require that last one.

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