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Illustration for article titled Wade Boggs And His Mullet Appear On ESPN

For those of you who saw Wade Boggs on "Baseball Tonight" this weekend — the one ESPN show we never, ever miss — you are probably wondering the same thing The Sports Hernia was wondering: When's "Road House 3" coming out?

Boggs is one of several Hall of Famers who will be guesting on "Baseball Tonight" throughout the season. As much as we look forward to Ozzie Smith's appearance, we do hope they invite Jim Rice, just to be mean.


The highlight of Boggs appearance was the pleasant reminder of just weird Boggs was. The guy knew exactly how many balls he'd lined foul into the right field stands. The level of obsession it requires to be a professional athlete is terrifying sometimes.

Boggs On "Baseball Tonight" [The Sports Hernia]

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