It's not very gratifying to be traded for an inanimate object. Unless my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me so she could spend more time with her vibrator counts, I have no idea what it must feel like to be traded for 10 baseball bats.

John "White Moon" Odom was signed by the Calgary Vipers but the ferocious Mounties were having none of his business because of a minor prior conviction. So the Vipers traded him to the Laredo Broncos, a good wholesome American baseball team, and since they didn't want anybody on the roster, they opted for 10 bats, retail value $655.50. (Plus shipping and handling.)

Odom said he was supposed to be traded for Laredo's best hitter. But when that player balked at moving to Calgary, the bats entered the deal.

Laredo offered cash for Odom, but [Calgary president Peter] Young said that was "an insult."

But money can buy anything, including bats! I don't see why ... oh, wait, they use different currency up there. Makes sense. Carry on.

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