Wale has had a busy 24 hours. Before hitting the club with DeSean Jackson and engaging in a Socratic dialogue with the ESPN assignment desk, he attended WWE Raw in Washington D.C. While there, he had a brief physical confrontation with a fan who was talking shit to him on Twitter.

TMZ first broke news of the confrontation, citing an eye witness that described it as a "full fight." There doesn't appear to be much of a fight going on in the video above, but Wale sure does seem pissed. His anger seems to have stemmed from a now-deleted tweet sent by another Raw attendee, @Chefboyrnach, to Wale that read: "You at Monday night raw fuckboy? Come see me in the ring and catch this stunner @wale." Bold move, @Chefboyrnach.

Wale is never one to back down from criticism on Twitter, so he responded to the challenge, and eventually found his antagonist in the crowd. Despite TMZ's report, @Chefboyrnach is maintaining that some light shoving is all that took place.



I feel like Wale would be a much happier person if he just stayed off Twitter.

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