Wallace, The Good And Humble Mule, Defeats Fancy Dressage Horses At Their Own Game

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Wallace is an 11-year-old mule who used to annoy Irish villagers by eating their flowers. After a lengthy battle over his right to compete in dressage, he is now a winner and hero to common beasts.

Wallace has been trained to compete in dressage by Christie Mclean, but the pair were prevented from entering any competitions because Wallace is not a horse. After some campaigning, Mclean convinced British Dressage to change its rules to allow any animal born to a mare to compete.


Proving that he is a very good mule, Wallace became the first non-horse to win a dressage competition over the weekend. He dispatched eight horse and pony competitors to win a British Dressage Quest Club competition in Gloucestershire. Watch the talented lad in action:

May Wallace continue to trot fancifully and humbly, and prove to those snooty horses that dressage is for all of God’s creatures.


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