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Was This (Presumably Yankees) Fan Announcing Plans To Divorce His Wife On-Camera At Last Night's Game?

Last night reader Ron alerted us to a bizarre moment during last night's Yankees-Angels game when a fan behind the New York dugout flips the bird to the camera, removes his wedding ring, then flips the bird again. We're presuming he's a Yankees fan because of his seat location and the fact that he's clearly with the people in the seats around him who are all garbed in Yankees gear. But what does this odd sequence of nonverbals mean? Can it be explained at all, or is it just another d-bag fan thinking it's cool to show America his middle finger?

While it might look like a big "fuck-you" to his wife, it could, possibly, be the opposite: taunting an ex, somewhere, with the fact he's now married. We're not sure which one is douchebaggier. [FSW]


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