Washington Post Poll: 9 In 10 Native Americans Not Offended By Washington Team Name

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The Washington Post spent the last few months surveying a random selection of 504 self-identified Native Americans, 36 percent of whom claimed a tribal affiliation, about the Washington football team calling itself the “Redskins.” Of those surveyed, the vast majority told the Post that the name does not offend them.

From the Post:

Across every demographic group, the vast majority of Native Americans say the team’s name does not offend them, including 80 percent who identify as politically liberal, 85 percent of college graduates, 90 percent of those enrolled in a tribe, 90 percent of non-football fans and 91 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 39.

Even 9 in 10 of those who have heard a great deal about the controversy say they are not bothered by the name.


In a separate question, 21 percent percent of respondents said the word “Redskin” is disrespectful of Native Americans.

The results of the survey have already been hailed by team owner Dan Snyder, who released a statement in which he said the team was “gratified by this overwhelming support from the Native American community and the team will proudly carry the Redskins name.”


Here are the results of another survey, conducted by the Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies at California State University, in which 400 98 verified American Indians were asked if Washington’s name was a “racial or racist word and symbol.” Sixty-seven percent of respondents said that it was.