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Washington running back Derrius Guice missed his entire rookie season after suffering a knee injury during his first career preseason game. This year, Guice injured his other knee in his first career regular season game, and is expected to miss only half the year. If he keeps this pattern up, the theory of infinite divisibility says he will never play a full season, but over a long enough timeline his annual knee injuries will cost him only a few seconds of playing time per season. Progress!


Guice will reportedly miss six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery on his right meniscus Thursday. Guice’s teammates were pissed at head coach Jay Gruden for deactivating backup Adrian Peterson for Week 1's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. They were probably not hoping for this exact solution to the problem, but anyway deactivation will not be a problem for Peterson in Week 2. Per Gruden, Peterson is in line to start Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys now that Guice is out of the lineup.

This is sort of a perfect piece of business for this circus of a football operation: irritate and alienate your veteran players with an incomprehensible roster decision; defend the decision as grouchily and defiantly as possible; then have the conflict resolved by an injury disaster, and in such a way that the situation becomes even more awkward. The next phase is for Peterson to rush for 100 yards and two scores in a game the team loses by 30.

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