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Washington's Shitty Turf Is Hurting The Team Again

Photo credit: Nick Wass/AP

It’s been almost four years since Washington’s slap-dick field cost them Robert Griffin III’s knee, and possibly career. Somehow, they are still letting things like happen:


At full speed that simply looks like an inaccurate throw getting tipped into the air for an unfortunate game-tying pick-six, but on the replay angle you can see Cousins’s front foot get caught in the turf, throwing off his balance and altering the throw.

Washington eventually won the game 20-10, because the Giants are absolute piss, but against a more competent team that play could have been a game- and season-altering play. The win wasn’t enough to get Cousins’s mind off the shitty field while he spoke to reporters today:


It’s literally unbelievable that Washington is still making its own players deal with this shit. Having a playable surface that does not routinely threaten to both undermine and harm your own players is one of the most basic responsibilities an organization has to fulfill. Dan Snyder is a clown.

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