Judging by the comments on this "Unbelievable Fight in The MUD PIT" video, provided by The Outlaw Motor Sports Video SS, the unbelievable fight in The MUD PIT either started because somebody got mouthy while trying to find the eyeglasses he lost in The MUD PIT or because "that dude's a dumb fuck, you dont EVER put you hands on a women."

Turn the volume down, unless you like listening to machinery grinding on and on again. And, flash-forward to the 3:30 mark unless you like watching white dudes wallowing in mud. Then, the yokel in the red sweatshirt'll block your view of the brawl from 4:00-4:37. Stick through it, though. Because at 5:09, you'll see for yourself which of those two possible explanations held true. Pop off.

Unbelievable Fight in The MUD PIT [YouTube]