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Watch As Grand Theft Auto Plays Out For Real On The Roads Of Russia

It's been a while since we've had some Russian dash cam goodness to share, but we've got a doozy for you today. Do you like high-speed car chases that end with the world's most awkward knife-versus-shovel fight? Then you are going to love this video.


We begin on a windswept road somewhere in Russia, our brave videographer pursuing a frenzied car chase featuring a Toyota and a mini-van. If you don't have the patience to sit through the whole chase, skip ahead to the 3:00 mark.

Here we have the driver of the Toyota perfectly executing a sideswipe that would make Jason Statham jealous, sending the mini-van careening into a ditch. A man with a large knife and some cool sunglasses emerges from the Toyota, seemingly ready to bring down a world of hurt on his prey.


Not so! It turns out that Mr. Wannabe Jason Statham's fighting skills do not exactly match his driving skills, and he foolishly chooses to jump on top of the mini-van, where he loses his footing and falls to the ground. Scrambling to regain the high ground, the knife-wielder is met with a shovel to the face by his target. Some light scuffling and shit-talking proceeds.

Eventually, everyone gets bored and goes home.

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