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Watch, Perhaps, The Worst Professional Ski Jump Attempt Ever

We've all been there: You're sledding, you slip, the sled gets out from under you and all of a sudden it's rocketing down the hill and you have to walk all the way down to go get it. Sucks. Unfortunately for Daiko Ito, he was strapped into skis, he is a professional ski jumper, this happened in front of a home crowd in Japan, and it cost him a shot at placing in the ski jump World Cup. A recap of the event:

Japanese Daiki Ito had a moment of shock before his final jump. Ito slipped off the bar and was sliding down the inrun. The Japenese didn't suffer any injuries but was not allowed to jump again. So Ito, who was second after the first round, lost the chance to achieve a top result.


Few images are lonelier than the ski jumper, used to soaring through the sky, futilely clawing at the snow-packed ground as he awkwardly slides down a ramp. Better luck next year, Daiko.

h/t Jeremy

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