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Watch Scenes From Stephon Marbury's Weird-Ass Chinese Musical

Stephon Marbury is still hanging out in China, where he played basketball well enough to get a statue made for him, and he is now acting in a musical based on his life. The musical is called I Am Marbury, obviously.

Above are few clips from the play's opening night, in which Marbury dramatically reveals himself toward the end of the play. He fist-bumps a dude, kind of stands around awkwardly for a while, high-fives some people, and then dribbles a basketball rather poorly.


If you'd like to know more about the show, The New Republic has you covered:

At this point in the speech—at least the version I saw during a recent rehearsal at the MasterCard Center in western Beijing—Marbury paused and looked at the ceiling. He'd only seen the script a few days before, and he hadn't quite finished memorizing his lines. "Something regarding hope? New goals?" suggested his co-star, the Chinese-American comedian Mike Sui. That rang a bell. "We have new goals every day," Marbury continued. "It is going to be a long journey. Along this journey, we are happy. I have one word for you guys: ding zhu!" With this—the phrase means "stand up!"—he pumped a fist in the air, and everyone started dancing and dribbling basketballs to an aggressive metal club track.

Sounds like a pretty great musical!

h/t Bryan Graham

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