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Watch Steve Ballmer Flip The Fuck Out To The Music Of Fergie

Fergie performed between quarters of the Clippers-Lakers game at Staples Center tonight. Clips owner Steve Ballmer, uh ... enjoyed it? I think that's what he's doing, here? Enjoying? That or just straight-up raging out. I can't really tell.

At first he was just grooving along, clapping, Dad-like but essentially under control.


Then things started to get a little intense.


And then ... look, man. If these are Dad moves, they are the most terrifying Dad moves I have ever seen.


Imagine Steve Ballmer coming at you in the woods, just fuckin' flipping out like that, all arms and legs flying all over the place. Roaring. Enraged and ecstatic all at the same time. Tell me you wouldn't just instantaneously unload your bowels. It's the most frightening thing I can imagine.

He was "singing," too!


Steve Ballmer is the Daddest motherfucker on Earth.

Instagrams via J.A. Adande and danwoikesports; Vines via Arash Markazi

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