Watch The Police Video From After Rob Konrad Was Found

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Andy Slater of 940 WINZ radio in South Florida published a copy of the police video from shortly after former NFLer Rob Konrad was found by Palm Beach police, claiming to have swum to shore after falling off his boat. The video doesn't show much; by the time the police cruiser pulls up, Konrad already is with an officer and has what looks like a towel wrapped around him. But it does include this exchange between officers and the former Miami Dolphins fullback.

Officer: How far out were you?

Konrad: About 10 miles.

Officer: You were about 10 miles out when you fell off?

Konrad: I've been swimming since 1 o'clock.

Officer: One o'clock in the afternoon.

Konrad: What time is it right now?

Officer: It's almost five in the morning.

Konrad: Shut the fuck up.

Another officer: Yeah.

Officer: You are a lucky son of a bitch

Konrad: Shut the fuck up. Holy shit.

On his radio show today, Slater played audio of the officers talking about Konrad's story. In the audio, one officer said they should take a look around to make sure there's nothing crazy and they talk about how Konrad might have gotten on to the property. There's a section that's tough to hear, but Slater said on air that you can hear an officer bringing up that they should make sure there isn't a "dead body." The full audio is below.

Konrad's story of falling overboard and swimming many miles, maybe as many as 27, briefly made him a media darling. The state agency that investigates boating accidents found nothing new in its investigation beyond detailing the damage to Konrad's boat. Now there's this video and audio to add to the pile of interesting details that dance around the same set of facts—Konrad says he fell overboard while fishing alone and without an emergency radio beacon that would have shown his location.


He's a man with a fantastic tale and, like so many stories of solo adventures out in the open water, we'll have to take his word for it.

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