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Watch This Former Gymnast Tear Up The Course On American Ninja Warrior

Kacy Catanzaro's about 5-foot-nothing and 100 pounds, and somehow she's wrecking shit on American Ninja Warrior.

For the uninitiated, ANW is a sort of an American Gladiators for the new millennium—but with more physically demanding challenges and less Joe Theismann—and it differs from a sibling show like Wipeout in that you actually want to see the competitors succeed. On Monday's episode, Catanzaro, a former gymnast from Towson University, succeeded all over the place, becoming the first woman to complete the finals course in Dallas. This qualified her for the incredibly difficult Mt. Midoriyama course in Las Vegas. (Here's what one of the stages looks like.) No one has completed Mt. Midoriyama on the American show. Catanzaro will get her shot, though.

But watch her course run. While Catanzaro's gymnastics background helps, her height's a disadvantage. She's not—or not supposed to be—able to progress through some of the obstacles, such as the log grip or ring-toss section. And yet, she does! Could you complete that salmon ladder at 3:30? I would just hang there until they cut to commercial.


You can watch her qualifying run here. She was also the first woman to complete that course.

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