At Sunday's Eagles-Cardinals game, reader Jonathan found himself sitting behind one Arizona fan as he stumbled the fine line between boisterous and "so blitzed he should be ejected." Jonathan put together this video of that fan's highlights. It really tells a story.

0:01) Screaming, waving his arms, high-fiving everyone around him. It's the high point of his buzz.


0:51) He is now alternating chastising the woman next to him (Jonathan says it was the man's girlfriend) and clapping for the action on the field. He appears upset that she won't stand up and cheer with him.

1:10) He screams as loud as he can, directly in his girlfriend's ear. "COME ON CARDINAL FAAAAAAAANS! GET ON YOUR FEEEEEEET!"


1:22) Wordless hootin' and hollerin'.

1:32) Perhaps because he is still yelling in his girlfriend's ear, another fan tells him to "sit the hell down." He does not. He begins clapping. Then he turns to clap directly at his girlfriend. It is the most obnoxious thing I have ever seen.

1:40) A guy in a LeSean McCoy jersey comes to the rescue and begins clapping at drunk Cardinals fan. How do you like being clapped at?

1:46) Cardinals fan begins clapping right back at Eagles fan. We have a clap-off! It lasts for a really long time.


2:10) They enter into a deep and serious discussion, possibly about Kevin Kolb.

2:50) Eagles fan leaves, pulled away by a friend. Cardinals fan attempts to follow, is gently shoved back


3:07) Bam! Cardinal fan has his shirt off and is twirling it above his head. No one else has their shirt off. His girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.

As always, the lesson here is that you should never attend an NFL game for any reason.