This group of U.S. fans weren't aware of the hammer of disappointment that was about to be dropped on their heads. Right in the middle of their "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" chant, Varela's equalizer ties the game, and ruins everything. It's so painful.

The girl on the top left can't stop swearing. The guy in the front waving the flag immediately turns around to vent. One girl in the back goes with her reflex and looks at her phone. So many thousand-yard stares.

Then there was the reaction of this viewing party in Recife. It's clearly a mixed crowd of Portugal-U.S. supporters, but the most painful part's at 1:02, right before Ronaldo's cross, when you can hear someone say "No no no no..."

Our favorite reaction, however, comes from FZappa20, who should basically recap every sporting event ever. An excerpt:

Thirty seconds to go, hey what's goin' on here, ball's moving down the other end of the floor, field, whatever the fuck you call it in soccer.


Please get FZappa20 a gig on SportsCenter.

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