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We know we implied yesterday that we were just about done with this whole Carolina cheerleader thing, but, you see, we just ... can't ... tear ourselves ... away. We suspect you understand.

Today's hot news item: Banana Joe's, the bar the ladies had their fun in, is hosting a promotion this weekend that allows anyone (men included) who dresses as a cheerleader in free. If you're actually a professional cheerleader, you drink for free, though, from our experience, that was pretty much true anyway. The offers keep coming in for the ladies, including a new one from the site, which is offering them spokesperson positions.


And until one of them gives the inevitable BabaWawa interview, that's about it. We actually kind of suspect that the Vikings sex boat story to have more legs. So, just to make sure you keep it at the forefront of your consciousness, we present you the most creative (and horrifying) Halloween costume we've seen, inspired by the Vikings and not particularly safe for work. Enjoy!

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