This is from London. There, it seems, suited security guards have more leeway to engage in full-on Rick James-esque slaps to others's earholes. Said guard immediately seems to have a tinge of regret to his actions, though.

His empathetic "hey bud, y'alright" gesture leads to a discussion. Then, after a break in coverage, the slappee is down. Down on the ground. And then he's down-er. Was slap force debilitating? Did the ear shot create all that blood flow on his face? So many questions; 38 broken seconds not nearly enough time to provide answers.


In other Tuesday Night Fights action:

• "ODoglalakers" hereby calls Bobby Brown out to a fight in response to Whitney Houston's death. In his public challenge, the ironic-when-abbreviated OD notes that he would have shown Whitney "what a real man is" and that he will "fuck [Bobby Brown's] ugly twisted-ass mouth the fuck up."


Redneck Waterin' Hole Fight (apparently at the Rally Sports Bar in Cary, NC).

Your "NSU Bitches brawlin after a party" Intermission:

• This "West Virginia Brawl" drew a young viewing audience, and salty-mama intervention. That tends to happen when "2 lovely West Virginian females have a territorial battle."


Race war at the gas station.

Your "KFC Staff Racist Brawl - Malaysia" Interlude:

This lady clearly does not like Mexicans.

• Oldie but goodie: "Fired [from] a bar, he returns with a chainsaw."

Your "Don't Fuck With Jasmine" Coda: